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Maimonides Children’s HospitalMaimonides is one of the largest independent teaching hospitals in the United States, and we offer one of the largest physician training programs in Brooklyn. With a total of 23 residency programs, we train more than 400 medical students and residents each year. We are committed to providing ongoing education to our medical students and residents as well as physicians and health care professionals.

Maimonides has a range of outstanding pediatric fellowships and residencies, including Pediatric Residency, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship, Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship, and Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship programs. However, our definition of education encompasses far more than advanced medical knowledge. There are also leadership development programs for physicians and nurses, so they will have the management and communication skills necessary to lead the future of healthcare.

Our mission, WE CARE, encompasses our drive to improve the health and well-being of children through excellence in family-centered care, advocacy, research, and education

Pediatric Medical Education programs

Maimonides is devoted to educating health care professionals and conducting research to improve the lives of our pediatric patients. We apply the latest research, information, and technology to provide children and adolescents the best care possible.

  • Research  The Maimonides Children’s Hospital is committed to advancing pediatric care through research and clinical trials. Physicians, faculty, residents, fellows, and nurses conduct studies with the goal of understanding all aspects of pediatric diagnosis and treatment. These studies include the evaluation of drug efficacy, devices, procedures, and diagnostic tests
    • We also assess various approaches to improving the quality and cost-efficiency of pediatric care. Our research subsidies include industry-funded clinical trials and federally funded National Institute of Health studies. The Maimonides Research and Development Foundation offers the initial finances required for preliminary data gathering, in order to support and propel future funding opportunities
  • Continuing Education – We offer a variety of classes for health professionals and for those seeking continuing medical education
  • Graduate Medical Education – To learn more about our graduate programs, visit Internships & Undergraduate Education, Residency programs, and Fellowship programs
  • Nursing – If you are interested in becoming a nurse, join the Maimonides team, and be an integral role in advancing medical care

Refer a patient

Collaboration and a team approach keep the child’s needs at the center of our care, with the referring physician as an essential part of the clinical team. Our outstanding pediatric and surgical subspecialists are committed to providing timely consultations, considering all treatment options.

Consultation is available for both pediatric inpatient and outpatient concerns. Outpatient consultations can be made through an appointment by calling the Transfer Center at (718) 283-7000 or contacting the physician’s office directly. Our subspecialty experts are available through a covering specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all inpatients.


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