Your child’s hospitalization should be manageable—not stressful

Maimonides Children’s HospitalBeing in a hospital can be frightening and stressful for children, adolescents, and their family members. This is why we created the Child Life, Creative Arts, and Education Program, which is run by expert Child Life specialists who encourage positive coping strategies.

The program provides developmentally appropriate activities to help with adjusting to hospitalization. Our staff offers education and preparation for medical procedures, as well as emotional support for children as they encounter a wide range of experiences that may occur in the hospital.

What is offered in this program?

  • Behavioral pain management (relaxation and guided imagery)
  • Bereavement services
  • Creative art therapies
  • Development and sensory stimulation
  • Medical education
  • Pre-admission and operative tours
  • Procedural preparation and support
  • Recreational services
  • School re-entry programs
  • Sibling and family support
  • Special entertainment
  • Therapeutic play
  • Wish referrals for children with severe and life-threatening conditions

Events and groups that enhance your child’s stay with us

In addition to the above services, we also sponsor the following events and groups at Maimonides:

  • Annual bereavement memorial
  • Artist in residence program
  • Department of Education P.S. 403 Hospital School Program
  • Educational programs with the Brooklyn Public Library, Museum of Modern Art, Prospect Park Zoo, and the New York Aquarium
  • Entertainment at the Cancer Center inpatient units, including a weekly clown visit, bi-monthly first-run movie screenings, and more
  • Holiday celebrations and parties
  • Kids Kicking Cancer Martial Arts Group
  • Parent support group
  • Pet therapy program

We support the emotional, social, and developmental needs of children experiencing stress due to hospitalization


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