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General pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital is grounded in the concept of the Medical Home. The Medical Home is a model in which your child’s primary care physician is not only their primary doctor but is also available to coordinate all aspects of their health care. Should your child need subspecialty consultations or assistance with home care issues, or have social work-related needs, your pediatrician becomes your greatest advocate. The Children’s Hospital has been awarded a Level 3 Medical Home certification, the highest rating possible, due to our experts’ dedication and commitment to pediatric medical services.

Our general pediatricians are experts in diagnosing and treating a wide range of childhood illnesses, from the common cold to more serious conditions. They are also trained to provide preventive care, immunizations, and well-child checkups.

Our general pediatric services

The Children’s Hospital offers a variety of general pediatric services, including:

  • Well-child checkups – These regular visits are an important part of keeping your child healthy. They give you a chance to talk to the doctor about any concerns you have.
  • Sick visits – If your child is not feeling well, we can see them right away.
  • Immunizations – We offer all the recommended childhood immunizations, including flu shots.
  • Preventive care – We offer a wide range of preventive care services, including sports physicals and hearing and vision screenings.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common childhood illnesses – We treat everything from the common cold to more serious conditions like diabetes and asthma.
  • Coordination of care with specialists – If your child needs to see a specialist, we will coordinate their care and make sure they receive the best possible treatment.

Our family-centered approach

The Children’s Hospital is committed to providing family-centered care. This means that we involve you, the parent, in every step of your child’s care and offer support and resources to help you through the process.

To schedule an appointment with one of our general pediatricians, please call us at 718-283-7500.

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