Expanding access to integrated developmental, behavioral, and mental health services

The Brooklyn Parenting Center provides families with support from conception to age two – a critical period for brain development that can shape the child’s health over their entire life.

Our team of obstetric, prenatal, and pediatric specialists screen families for unmet psycho-social needs, intergenerational trauma, and mental health concerns before their child is born, shortly following their child’s birth, or in the early childhood stage of 0-2 years old. These services help address health risk factors and promote long-term positive outcomes. Patients are connected with mental health professionals and community organizations to assist them with accessing the care they need.

We can support families with a broad range of concerns including:

  • Perinatal mood disorders (i.e. anxiety, depression)
  • Postpartum adjustment: emotional and practical
  • Unmet social needs (i.e. housing, food)
  • Developing positive parenting practices and breaking intergenerational cycles of trauma
  • Child development questions or concerns

Brooklyn is home to an estimated 2.7 million individuals, of which almost 200,000 are children under the age of five. For many Brooklyn families, there’s a lack of access to integrated medical services that can address both physical and socio-emotional health. Through the Brooklyn Parenting Center, we’re able to expand access to wraparound care for both parents and children.

Bolstering positive childhood experiences

Through a joint effort between OB/GYN and Pediatrics, families will receive support during three formative touch points: prenatal OB care, inpatient postpartum and neonatal intensive care, and pediatric primary care. Services include:

  • Early childhood perinatal mental health visits integrated into prenatal care to support families on their positive parenting journey
  • Universal unmet social needs (food, housing, education, etc.) screenings used to connect families with care management and referrals to community resources
  • Perinatal mental health support for those immediately postpartum and with children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU)
  • Pediatric HealthySteps Specialist integrated in the pediatrics primary care clinic

The Brooklyn Parenting Center helps expand access to comprehensive social and emotional care for both parents and children in a low-barrier setting where families are already accessing healthcare. We screen families for unmet social and emotional needs, introduce concepts of intergenerational trauma and positive parenting, and connect them with mental health care and community organizations to reduce poor health outcomes, and promote long-term resilience and positive childhood experiences.

Brooklyn Parenting Center touchpoints

Prenatal touchpoint

In the prenatal setting, the BPC Specialist, a perinatal mental health clinician, will have an individual appointment to meet with families following their routine first-trimester prenatal visit with their obstetrician. In that first visit, the BPC Specialist will introduce the program, educating families about the importance of the first thousand days and ways in which they can work together towards optimal outcomes. Families will be screened for unmet social needs and connected to a care navigator who will walk the family through connecting with community-based organizations, most of whom are serving on the BPC community advisory board. In order to capture unmet emotional needs and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma, families will also be screened for ACEs, depression and anxiety. During the process of screening for ACEs, the BPC specialist will discuss adversity and resilience factors and ways to address or enhance these together. The BPC Specialist will continue to engage with families based on a tiered model of need and use a resilience-based model of care to connect families with community-based services, provide evidence-based therapy, and offer wraparound support throughout pregnancy as they prepare for parenthood.

Postpartum touchpoint

Immediately postpartum, our BPC Specialists, three maternal child health social workers, will connect with families during their routine postpartum hospital stay as well as with families who have children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Families will be universally screened for unmet psychosocial needs (SDH, mental health, ACEs, Counter ACEs), and offered brief therapeutic interventions as well as referrals to our community partners to ensure they have the resources they need after leaving the hospital. For families with children recovering in the NICU, our team will offer ongoing support through individual and group sessions. During this touchpoint, parents can also participate in parenting classes that will allow families to ask any questions about the first week of life and receive peer support from families with children the same age. Our specialists will utilize this time to emphasize the foundation for positive parenting and attachment.

Early childhood touchpoints

In the pediatric primary care office, families will be seen by our Healthy Steps Specialist at routine pediatrics visits during the first two years of their child’s life. Healthy Steps is an evidence-based interdisciplinary pediatric primary care program designed to promote positive parenting and healthy development for infants and toddlers. This approach includes universal screening for developmental, social-emotional, and behavioral needs, consultation around addressing behavioral challenges and developmental concerns, care coordination and systems navigation for young children with identified needs, and positive parenting guidance and access to early learning resources. The program also includes comprehensive, intensive services for families with significant psychosocial risk factors identified through screening at well child visits.

To learn more about our services, please contact (718) 283-6347 or [email protected].

Meet Our Team

Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN)

Clinical Staff

  • Anna Lawrence, LCSW – Chief Perinatal Social Worker
  • Marline Laurent Nicolas, LCSW – Senior Maternal Child Health Social Worker
  • Tianna Clarke, LMSW – Maternal Child Health Social Worker
  • Isabelle Boundy, LMSW – Maternal Child Health Social Worker
  • Kira Andersen, LCSW – HealthySteps Specialist


  • Phyllis Lynn
  • Blair L. Uhlig
  • Callie Mikell
  • Ental Alebdy
  • Fion Chan
  • Kimberly Bylander
  • Maria Silva
  • Suzanne Polivy
  • Dawntress Hassell
  • Yira Curry
  • Marlies Maria Biesinger
  • Medea Mindikauri-Berkley

Other Team Members

  • Alex Alvarez, Vice President of Case Management
  • Karen Thompson, Assistant Director of Social Work & Case Management
  • Marline Laurent, Social Worker
  • Tzivia Weinstock, Patient Representative
  • Dara Barnett, Nurse, NICU
  • Mirel Herskovits, Nurse Manager, NICU

Our Locations

Maimonides Women’s Health Center
4422 9th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Maimonides Medical Center
Inpatient Obstetrics
4802 Tenth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Maimonides Children’s Hospital
Inpatient Pediatrics
4802 10th Avenue, 6th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Pediatrics Primary Care

Newkirk Family Health Center
1401 Newkirk Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Pediatrics at 7th Avenue
6323 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Pediatrics at 57th Street
1301 57th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

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