Patient Information

Our deluxe and private maternity rooms offer added conveniences and amenities to help you enjoy your stay and bond with your new baby. 

Our deluxe rooms offer the following complimentary amenities:

  • 40-inch television
  • Breastfeeding gown
  • Baby receiving blanket
  • Cable and phone service
  • Fruit platter, snacks, and soft drinks
  • Guest sleeping accommodations
  • Meals for patient and guest
  • Mini fridge available upon request
  • Parking in our MMC garage
  • Wi-Fi

Program terms and conditions

Our program terms and conditions include: 

  • After delivery, our staff will inform the patient if a deluxe private room is available
  • Deluxe maternity rooms are not covered by insurance and are an out-of-pocket expense
    • Vaginal Delivery – 1 Night Stay, $525
    • C-Section Delivery – 2 Night Stay, $1,050
    • Money will be collected upon assignment of your room by cash, check, or credit card
    • If additional nights are needed, payment will be on a daily basis thereafter
  • Obstetrical patients may request a deluxe private room upon admission
  • Requests will be recorded and given based on private room availability at the time of delivery
  • Your significant other will be allowed to stay throughout your time in your private room


For more information, please feel free to call our Patient Access Department at (718) 283-7636

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