Full spectrum of pregnancy and maternal care at  Maimonides

At Maimonides, our goal is to make each patient as comfortable and informed as possible while anticipating your baby’s birth. We have a dedicated obstetrical (OB) team whose primary focus is on providing the safest and highest quality care. Physicians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, nurses, licensed midwives, doulas, patient care technicians, nutritionists, and lactation consultants work together to ensure that you and your baby will be healthy and strong.

We use the most advanced diagnostics, testing, and treatment for expectant mothers, including:

  • Advanced fetal surveillance testing
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Comprehensive management of mothers with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, thyroid, or renal disease, as well as other preexisting conditions
  • First-trimester screening and detection of fetal anomalies
  • High-resolution ultrasound-guided procedures
  • Multiple pregnancy (twins and triplets) management
  • Preconception assessment and counseling


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High-risk specialists for high-risk pregnancies

Our innovative approach to maternal-fetal medicine has earned Maimonides the prestigious designation of a New York State Regional Perinatal Center. Our physicians specialize in high-risk pregnancies and pregnancy complications, such as fetal tumors or anomalies involving the heart, spine and brain, or blood. Our multidisciplinary team of surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, and neonatal intensive care experts use the latest diagnostic technologies and treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your baby.

We deliver  6,500+  babies per year.


Maimonides Midwifery Practice

The Maimonides Midwifery Practice includes 14 licensed and board-certified midwives. All staff members have a master’s degree in nursing, belong to the American College of Nurse-Midwives, possess admitting and discharge privileges at Maimonides, and are either fluent in multiple languages or can access interpreters. Our staff provides preconception services, including family planning, genetic counseling and testing, along with contraceptive counseling, prenatal and postpartum care, breastfeeding assistance, emotional support, and gynecologic and well-woman examinations.


Stella and Joseph Payson Birthing Center

Enjoy the comforts of home in our Stella and Joseph Payson Birthing Center, which has 11 birthing suites and 4 additional rooms dedicated to the care of high-risk pregnancies. Every room is spacious enough to accommodate family members, and expectant mothers are encouraged to bring a support person in addition to their significant other. We will do our best to understand your needs and provide you the birthing experience you expect.

The Maimonides OB team works closely with other specialty areas and services, including the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Our NICU is renowned nationwide for the superb care we provide to premature newborns and infants who are born with medical issues that require monitoring and treatment.


The Maimonides Doula Program

A doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who works alongside our doctors, midwives, nurses, and staff to provide expectant mothers with non-medical services such as advice, emotional support, and physical comfort before, during, and after childbirth. Maimonides is the only hospital in Brooklyn that provides doulas 24/7. Our policy is simple: Request a doula, and we will provide you with one. Doulas can also support expectant fathers by offering instruction on how to help during labor and in the days and weeks after childbirth.


Keeping you comfortable during labor

At Maimonides, we are dedicated to keeping expectant mothers comfortable during labor and delivery. Our board-certified obstetric anesthesiologists specialize in pain management, including for those who are at high risk. To manage pain during childbirth, many women receive either an epidural or spinal analgesia. For a cesarean section, you may receive general anesthesia.


Breastfeeding and lactation support

Research shows that breastfeeding is best for babies and mothers. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding babies for the first  6  months to provide babies with the vitamins and nutrients they need, then introducing solids with continued nursing for at least  1  year. We offer individual breastfeeding support and classes. We also participate in “Latch on NYC”—a NYC-wide initiative to improve the health of mothers and children by increasing breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity. We no longer distribute formula discharge packs, literature on formula, or other products that promote formula.

At Maimonides, you and your newborn baby will receive outstanding, collaborative care during one of the most important experiences of your life. Our obstetricians and midwives provide expert care for all expecting mothers at Maimonides, regardless of age or type of pregnancy. We look forward to welcoming your baby into the world.


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