Welcome to the Maimonides Medical Education Program

We appreciate your interest in the graduate medical education experience at Maimonides Medical Center. The Maimonides Medical Education Program is invested in the academic, professional, and personal growth of our students and faculty; which is why we offer a competitive salary and benefits. We look forward to preparing residents, fellows, and medical students to become the next generation of expert practitioners.

Below, please find the frequently asked questions about our Medical Education Program.

FAQs when applying to our Medical Education program


To request verifications of medical education please email [email protected]

When does your program begin accepting applications for your residency program?

Applicants can submit their ERAS applications from September  15th  – October  30th. The application deadline is October  30th.

When are interviews held?

Interviews are usually held from mid-November through December. Additional dates in January may be added depending on the availability of conference rooms. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted via email.

When are applications reviewed?

Applications are reviewed from October  15th  – October  30th. Applications received after October  30th  will not be considered.

Who reviews the applications and selects the candidates for interviews?

The Review Committee reviews the applications and selects the candidates to be interviewed. Once the review process is complete, applicants are notified of the committee’s decision.

What is the selection criterion?

Our criteria for selecting applicants for interviews are not solely based on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX) scores. A review of the applicant’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS application), Curriculum Vitae (CV), Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), Medical School Transcript, and letters of recommendation are also considered.

Which documents are required to apply?

A copy of the documents listed below is required with your ERAS application. An applicant’s file will not be considered if the file is incomplete, and if by the application deadline, we have not received the necessary documents. Applications received after October  30th  will not be considered.

  • CV
  • MD School Transcript
  • Minimum of   current letters of recommendation.  1  letter must be from an anesthesia rotation
  • MSPE
  • Photo
  • Program Director’s verification/summative evaluation letter (required of applicants with U.S. residency training experience)
  • USMLE Scores (COMLEX scores accepted instead of the USMLE scores)

Are there specific score requirements for the USMLE or COMLEX? 

We look for USMLE scores of  200  and COMLEX scores of  400  or higher. Also considered are the number of attempts taken to pass the exams.

What is the Program Director's verification/summative evaluation letter? Why is it required?

Before we can consider applicants with a year or more of U.S. clinical experience, the ACGME requires that we receive written verification from the Program Director for a resident who is transferring from another residency program. A Program Director’s confirmation includes dates of training, rotations completed, procedural/operative experience, and summative competency-based performance evaluation.

Are Foreign Medical Graduates accepted in resident and fellowship programs?


What are the requirements for International Medical Graduates applying to your residency program?

International Medical Graduates must have a minimum of  1-year residency training in an ACGME accredited program within the United States. Letters of recommendations provided must be from the ACGME accredited residency program. A summative evaluation letter from the Program Director is also required. It must include dates of training, rotations completed, procedural and/or operative experience, and competency-based summative performance evaluation.

What types of Visas are sponsored?

H1B and J1 Visas.

Is there a medical school graduation cut-off year?

Yes, the medical school graduation date should not be more than   years prior to applying.

Do you require any research experience? 


Is a PGY-1 (Clinical Base Year) offered through your program? 

No. Interested applicants must independently apply for an ACGME accredited PGY-1 residency position within the United States. However, as a pre-requisite for joining the program, applicants accepted into our residency program are required to complete an ACGME Accredited PGY-1 position before starting the program.

What is considered an acceptable Clinical Base Year?

According to the American Board of Anesthesiology, an acceptable Clinical Base Year includes training in internal or emergency medicine, pediatrics, surgery or any of the surgical specialties, obstetrics, and gynecology, neurology, family practice, critical care medicine, or any combination of these. Please note psychiatry is NOT considered as an acceptable Clinical Base Year.

Are Research Opportunities available?

Applicants interested in Research Opportunities that may be available should email a copy of their CV to Dr. Dennis Feierman for consideration. Dr. Feierman’s email address is [email protected].

What is your LOA policy?

Are elective rotation opportunities available in your program for residents from an external institution?


Are Observership and/or Externship opportunities available in your program?


I am planning on moving and will be updating my information. What should I list on the forms?

Please submit the forms with your current information, and we will send a change of address form in May/June that asks for your new address. You will submit it to Human Resources, and they will update your information in the system.

I was filling out the House Staff Datasheet and the Disclosure and Release form, and it asks for a Professional license. I do not have one; what do I put?

Please leave it blank if you do not have a license. You are not required to have a license to enter and complete a residency in New York.

I tried to apply for the NPI form online, and it asked me for a license. What do I list?

As per the email sent from Academic Affairs, please make sure to use the guide on the left side of the NPI page. If you were asked for a license, you did not submit 39Student as the taxonomy code. The guide will show you exactly how to fill out the application.

Do I send all of the forms on this site to Academic Affairs?

Yes, please send your contracts, Human Resources forms, Employee Health Forms, Housing Application, etc. to Academic Affairs.

I am currently living outside the country, and I do not have any of the required documents for the I9 form. What do I do?

Please send a copy of your current visa, and we will update your information later when you arrive with your valid working visa.

I am currently living outside of the country, and I do not have a social security number. What should I fill in on the forms?

Leave anything that asks for a social security number blank, and your information will be submitted later when you have a social security number.

I am currently living outside of the country, and I do not have a social security number, and the NPI form asks for one. What do I do?

You cannot fill out the NPI form until you have a social security number. You will be able to fill out the form later when you have one.

When do I come for orientation?

There is a standard orientation grid available on the new hire website. This shows the days for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and infection control training. Your department will send you the ACLS skills date you are expected to attend. The institutional orientation days are mandatory. Every department will send a detailed schedule for you, specifically with the days you have computer training, departmental orientation, and any other training days they require you to attend.

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