Class of 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do residents live?

Our residents live all over our incredible Brooklyn such as Borough Park and Sunset Park which is walking distance from the hospital, or in Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, or Bensonhurst.

What is the call schedule like?

We use a night float system Sunday night through to Friday morning with calls on the weekends. Calls can be tough as we have a busy clinical service, but they are great learning opportunities. Calls are 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays or 12 hours on Sundays.

Do you have a Wellness Program?

We have many wellness initiatives in residency. In addition to the Maimonides Medical Center GME’s Wellness services including access to a psychologist, we have our own wellness curriculum including informal talks about the practice of medicine and how to address dynamic sleep schedules. We have an incredible wellness chief who helps plan resident activities outside of work. Finally, residents receive Wellness Days throughout the year.

How are residents, faculty, and the program evaluated?

In addition to real-time feedback from the faculty, residents are formally evaluated by the faculty after each surgical case (on-demand surgical evaluations) and at the end of each 4-week block (rotation evaluation). Every 6 months, residents are formally evaluated using 360-degree evaluations (faculty, resident, medical student, patient, and nursing evaluations), in-service exams, case logs, and their research. Residents evaluate the faculty, and the program annually. Residents also have access to an anonymous email for on-demand evaluations regarding any residency program concern. All evaluations are confidential, and residents have access to their evaluations electronically.

What educational supplies are available for residents?

Residents have access to the GA Degenshein Library – which provides access to a huge number of online textbooks, research databases, and UpToDate – which is available directly through our electronic medical record as well. In addition, the department provides physical textbooks available in the resident library, and the hospital has an onsite library of its own, with a certified medical librarian.
All residents have access to one online question bank to help them prepare for their in-service and board exams. In addition, we provide funding for educational activities from textbooks, exams, and conferences by our residency union.

What is the lecture schedule like?

Monday Mornings are our protected didactics time. We have 5 hours dedicated to educational activities including lectures, Chair rounds, M&M conferences, Tumor board, Case-Based presentations, Journal club, and Simulations! Didactic sessions are protected time during which our mid-level providers take over clinical duties. In addition to resident didactics, we have regularly scheduled Departmental Grand Rounds, and an Annual Hospital Research Day.

What are the opportunities for employment after graduation?

Many residents enter our program planning to practice general Ob/GYN while some plan to pursue fellowship training. We are committed to supporting our trainees with whatever post-graduate plans they have. Our robust clinical volume ensures you will be well prepared for general practice. We also have faculty in all the Ob/Gyn subspecialties who can help mentor you through your fellowship application process. We also have our own MFM and MIGS fellowship as well.

Do you have a mentorship program in residency?

The OBGYN Department at Maimonides Medical Center provides excellent exposure to all 7 subspecialties. Based on your interest, an official mentor is assigned to you on the first day of residency.

What research resources are available in your department?

Our department holds multiple meetings to discuss resident research projects lead by faculty attendings and fellows. We have 3 research assistants available to assist in IRB applications, data collection, and patient recruitment. We also have 2 full-time statisticians available for statistical analysis. The OBGYN department grant is available for residents on a rolling basis. Maimonides Research and Development Foundation offers a research grant annually to residents as well.

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