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Welcome to the Maternal-Fetal medicine (MFM) Fellowship

The Department of OB/GYN at Maimonides Medical Center is home to Brooklyn’s first and only ACGME-accredited MFM Fellowship. In addition to our patients’ diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and our high volume, Maimonides has one of the highest number of deliveries in New York State (over 7,500 per year) and one of the safest (check out our indicators on this USA today report). Maimonides also has Brooklyn’s only Children’s hospital (intramural), and it is designated as a Perinatal Regional Center (RPC).

Our division of Maternal-fetal Medicine performs more than 55,000 ultrasound procedures annually. Therefore, both residents and fellows are exposed to a wide variety of both common and uncommon diagnoses in inpatient and ambulatory settings. The fellows learn advanced skills in ultrasound (including fetal echocardiography), diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, as well as obstetrical procedures such as cerclage, external cephalic version, and placenta accreta spectrum surgery. We are also very active in clinical research and our fellows are prolific in their publications in highly cited journals and present their research at national conferences. We take pride in the success of our fellows becoming experts in high-risk pregnancy, and welcome you to explore and eventually have the same experience!


Our curriculum is consistent with the guidance of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Guide to Learning in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Please click on this link for more details.


Our didactic sessions are distributed and run in a way to ensure a balance between clinical and educational activities. All didactic activities our time-protected. In addition, the fellows have protected time for their administrative duties. Below is a sample of the weekly didactic sessions:

Rotations and sample block diagram

Our rotations are consistent with the ABOG requirements and include the following:

  • Clinical rotation: 12 months
  • Research: 12 months
  • Ultrasound: 6 months (includes 2 months of genetics and genomics)
  • Genetics and genomics: 2 months
  • Elective rotations: 3 months
  • Surgical Intensive Care: 1 month

Outpatient high-risk clinic is also distributed throughout the 3 years depending on the rotation. Below is a sample of a block diagram (may be subject to change):


We support research from the first year and throughout the fellowship. Our research rotation is supervised by Dr. Howard Minkoff who is part of the study section for the National Institutes of Health and reviews studies for more than 25 obstetrical journals. He currently has NIH research grants in excess of ten million dollars. Below is a sample of our fellows’ publications. For more details, you can go to these Pubmed links:

  • For Dr. Fouad Atallah’s publications during the fellowship, click here. (Graduation: February 2021)
  • For Dr. Rodney McLaren’s publications during the fellowship, click here. (Graduation: June 2021)
  • For Dr. Viktoriya London’s publications during the fellowship, click here. (Graduation: June 2022)
  • Below is a sample of their publications:

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