Patients at Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital (MMCH) now have access to expanded treatment options. The new MMCH Infusion Center gives them a convenient place to get treatment for a wide range of conditions without traveling far from home.

This is just the latest in a series of expanded service offerings at MMCH. What began with cutting edge technology and improved ED services is continuing with infusion services, and there’s more to come!

Partnership with HOAB

The infusion center is run in partnership with Hematology Oncology Associates of Brooklyn (HOAB). Fran Necci, AOCNP, the Director of Clinical Services for HOAB, and her colleagues are enthusiastic about collaborating with MMCH.

“Dr. Joseph Lebowicz, Dr. Mikhail Grinberg, Dr. Inna Sominsky, and I all started our careers at Maimonides Medical Center (MMC) and are very excited for the opening of the new center after working on it for 3-4 years,” she said. “I started at MMC in 1979 before joining HOAB in 2001. I never imagined that 43 years later I would be part of such an exciting merger!”

Patients Enjoy Privacy and Comfort During Infusion Therapy

Receiving infusion therapy can be stressful and time-consuming. With that in mind, the compassionate staff in the infusion center do their best to give patients a pleasant experience.

Three comfortable and inviting infusion areas in the center ensure that patients have privacy while receiving treatment. Each area features floor to ceiling windows, plush recliners, and a TV to allow patients to relax while they receive infusion therapy for a wide range of conditions.

Even though infusions aren’t reserved for cancer patients, many of the patients who receive treatment in the MMCH Infusion Center need chemotherapy or immunotherapy for a cancer diagnosis. Patients who have multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, anemia, or other conditions can also get treatment there.

Providing Excellent Patient Care Close to Home

“A multidisciplinary team ensures every patient who walks through the doors of the MMCH Infusion Center receives competent, cutting-edge care and benefits guided by an individualized treatment plan that considers the totality of their condition,” Ms. Necci explained. The team is attentive to patients’ physical, emotional, and financial health throughout their treatment.

Prior to the opening of the new MMCH Infusion Center, patients had to seek infusion treatments at other facilities. In some cases, this required them to travel a distance for life-saving infusions.

“Now, there’s no need for patients and families to travel far from home. The best care for cancer and other infusion services is right here in Brooklyn.”

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