Maimonides is the first hospital in New York to officially adopt the FDA-approved technology that interprets the body’s immune response to infection within 15-minutes

Maimonides Medical Center announced a landmark agreement with MeMed, an Israel-based medical technology firm, for the adoption of MeMed BV, a new, FDA-approved, cutting-edge test that distinguishes whether a patient is suffering from a bacterial or viral infection within 15 minutes.

“Maimonides is excited to be a pioneer of this life-saving medical tool. Adoption of this critical technology will allow our physicians to diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments at a faster rate than ever before,” said Sergey Motov, M.D., Research Director, Department of Emergency Medicine. “At Maimonides, we’re committed to clinical excellence and advancing innovative approaches in order to improve patient outcomes for Brooklynites and beyond.”

The MeMed BV test analyzes the body’s immune response to infection rather than focusing on detecting the presence of a pathogen, yielding reliable results within 15 minutes. In turn, this enables rapid diagnosis despite having an unknown or inaccessible infection site, or when the cause of infection is an emerging new pathogen. The test results will help inform antibiotic treatment decisions and improve clinical outcomes.

“This technology, once fully implemented across various departments at Maimonides, will be extremely beneficial when trying to assess the type of infection a patient is suffering from,” said Dr. John Marshall, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center. “The difference 15-minutes can make in the world of medicine is consequential. We’re proud to have piloted this cutting-edge approach to patient diagnosis, and we look forward to continuously improving our clinical outcomes as a result.”

Maimonides Medical Center was a leading contributor in the national clinical trial program that led to FDA approval of MeMed BV in September 2021, which included a multi-center, blinded, clinical validation study enrolling over 1,000 participants to address goals laid out in the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. MeMed is a medical technology company that translates the complex signals of the immune system into simple diagnostic insights that to help transform the way we treat infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders. To learn more about MeMed, please visit

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