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September 9, 2020

Hospital staff hopes buyer will choose to permanently display inspirational mural at Maimonides

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Maimonides Medical Center and Cadogan Tate Fine Art New York have announced that “Frontline Warriors,” a fifteen-foot mural painted as an homage to the healthcare community, has now hit the auction block alongside several other pieces. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund.

“Frontline Warriors’ took on a life of its own, becoming a source of pride and strength for our team during a very difficult time here in Brooklyn,” said Kenneth D. Gibbs, President & CEO of Maimonides Medical Center. “We are excited the sale of it will benefit a great cause and we hope its eventual buyer will allow it to be displayed at Maimonides in some capacity so that we can continue to honor and inspire the staff here that have worked so hard.”

The “Frontline Warriors” mural was installed on April 21st in the Main Lobby of Maimonides, where it was exhibited for one month before being shared with other medical institutions. The medical center was the very first—and one of the select few—hospitals chosen to display the piece, created by artists Sergio Barrale and Angela China.

“We are proud to partner with Maimonides Medical Center for The Heart of Art and Design, a benefit auction organized by Cadogan Tate in support of the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund,” said Francois Vandame of Cadogan Tate, the art house organizing the auction. “We could never have anticipated the strong response we received for this initiative, testament to the effectiveness with which the art world can mobilize during difficult times. It’s collective efforts like The Heart of Art and Design that send a much needed and incredibly powerful message to our frontline warriors, a resounding thank you for everything they are doing to keep us safe and a reminder that we have their backs too.”

Michael Driver, General Manager of Cadogan Tate, said, “The idea behind this charity auction came about during the New York City lockdown in April. We wanted to make use of our idle time in a productive way and help give back to the frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line to save others.”

He continued, “The American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus response fund is helping to provide a safety net of vital resources to nurses all over the country. We are grateful to our partners at Heritage Auctions and to all our friends who have donated. Cadogan Tate is proud to be a part of this historical event.”

The auction kicked off on August 31st and runs online through September 14th. Anyone interested in bidding on the mural can visit the link here. To support the charities behind the mural, visit to make a donation or to purchase a replica of the piece.

Clinicians at Maimonides hope the mural makes its way back home to the hospital. “As a nurse on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, seeing this remarkable piece of artwork every day in the hospital lobby as I came to work was a reminder that we’re part of something bigger,” said Chester Cheung, a Registered Nurse at Maimonides Medical Center. “Standing together we have the combined strength as a team to overcome this virus.”


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