Maimonides Expands Brooklyn’s Largest Robotic Surgery Program

Robotic surgeons at Maimonides Medical Center are proud to offer the latest surgical techniques for people living in Brooklyn and beyond. And they’ve been doing it for years — in fact, they were the first robotic surgery program in Brooklyn. Today, Maimonides has over 25 surgeons performing almost 1,000 minimally invasive procedures with robotic technology annually, in a variety of specialties.

Maimonides recently added three new robots — making us the largest robotic-assisted surgery program in Brooklyn. The additional robots will allow the hospital to perform 600 to 800 additional surgical cases a year.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Advanced robotic-assisted surgery provides significant clinical benefits for patients. It allows surgeons to perform complex and delicate surgical procedures robotically, which can improve surgical outcomes. The high levels of precision and accuracy of the robots often surpass human capabilities. Robotic systems also provide 3D high-definition visualization, which improves visibility, helping surgeons navigate complex anatomical structures more effectively.

“With robotic surgery, patients can return to their normal life sooner,” says Shruti Varma, DO, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellow at Maimonides. Specific benefits of these minimally invasive procedures include:

  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Less pain and inflammation
  • Quicker recovery
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduced need for blood transfusions
  • Reduced scarring
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Smaller incisions


State-of-the-Art Robotics Supplement Our Surgeons’ Expert Capabilities

Our new robotic surgical systems revolutionize surgical procedures by allowing the surgeon to operate from a computer console. Rather than the traditional approach of directly holding instruments, the surgeon maneuvers them via the robot, achieving greater precision and control. While the surgeon guides the surgery, bedside team members assist by inserting and removing instruments and ensuring seamless operation of the system.

“I always tell my patients that I’m still the one who’s operating,” says Lindsey Michel, MD, FACOG, Associate Fellowship Director, Obstetrics & Gynecology at Maimonides. “I’m just using technology to assist me in making the surgery more accurate, precise and safer for them.”


Exceptional Subspecialty Surgical Care

The robotic surgical systems are used to treat a range of conditions, including:


Maimonides is recognized for excellence in surgical care. Maimonides Medical Center is the only hospital in New York State to receive the 2023 Healthgrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals for Surgical Care Award™ and the only hospital in New York City to receive the America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery Award™ for two years in a row (2022-2023). Healthgrades also named Maimonides #1 in New York State for Surgical Care and Orthopedic Surgery (2023), and U.S. News & World Report recognized Maimonides as High Performing for Colon Cancer Surgery, Lung Cancer Surgery, Pulmonology and Lung Surgery, Orthopedics and Urology (2023-2024).

Our board-certified surgeons are highly experienced with advanced training. They collaborate to provide patients with the latest robotic surgical treatment options. Our specialists speak multiple languages and offer broad access to care for patients from various cultures.

“This is the most experienced robotic surgery program in Brooklyn and among the most experienced in New York, explains David Silver, MD, Director of Urology at Maimonides. “If you have a patient needing robotic surgery, this is where you need to be.”

To make a referral to a robotic expert or contact our surgical divisions, visit:

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