If you need a knee or hip replacement, the skilled orthopedic surgeons at the Maimonides Bone & Joint Center now have an innovative solution. We are proud to be the first hospital in Brooklyn to perform joint replacement surgery using a robotic arm-assisted system.  This pioneering technology means even more precise surgeries and better outcomes for our patients.


What Is Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery?

Robotic arm-assisted technology is revolutionizing orthopedic surgery. It not only helps surgeons to better plan for surgeries, but it also allows for more accurate procedures in the operating room.

Before Surgery

Your surgeon will first take a computed tomography (CT) scan of your bones and joints. Then the surgical system uses that CT scan to create a 3D model of your anatomy. This allows us to accurately assess your bones and joints before surgery. The software helps our orthopedic surgeons come up with a joint replacement plan specific to your unique anatomy.

Doctor uses robotic surgery arm on patient's knee


During Surgery

Once in the operating room, we put that plan to work, creating a customized surgical procedure. Our skilled surgeons use the robotic arm-assisted technology to guide each incision and properly position your joint replacement implant.


The Benefits Of Robotic Arm-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery At Maimonides

When you come to Maimonides for joint replacement surgery, your surgeon will explain the many benefits of using this advanced surgical system. We currently use this surgical technology for most of our knee and hip replacement surgeries.

The system’s benefits include:

  • Personalized joint replacement plans: The 3D model of your joint that’s generated before surgery shows us your unique anatomy. This means your surgeon knows exactly how to customize the procedure to fit you precisely. We can insert the joint replacement implant with pinpoint accuracy
  • Enhanced expertise: Robotic arm-assisted surgery doesn’t mean a robot is performing your surgery. Our highly trained orthopedic surgeons use their skill, along with the robotic system, to ensure the most successful joint replacement surgeries for our patients
  • Safer surgery: Because the surgery is pre-planned based on an exact image of your anatomy, every incision is precisely placed. The system includes safeguards that prevent accidental damage to any soft tissue surrounding your joint
  • Minimally invasive procedures: We can do total joint replacements using fewer incisions, thanks to the individualized pre-surgery plan. This results in less invasive, faster surgeries with less anesthesia and less blood loss
  • Faster recovery time: More accurate placement and alignment of your joint replacement implant means a faster recovery.  We’ll have you back on your feet as early as the same day your surgery is performed. And many patients are able to leave the hospital within one or two days of their procedure



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