Maimonides is a nonprofit, independent academic institution dedicated to the core value that the needs of our multicultural patients come first. Maimonides Medical Center is the preeminent treatment facility and academic medical center in Brooklyn — and among the best in the New York region. With 24 fully accredited residency and fellowship programs, over 400 residents, 300 full-time faculty, 550 voluntary attending physicians, 4,500 employees, and 700 inpatient beds, Maimonides is one of the largest independent academic medical centers in the country.

Clinical research is an integral part of our institutional success that stretches over 100 years. Maimonides is extremely proud of its achievements proud of our achievements and is striving to stay at the forefront of the groundbreaking research that enhances and improves patients’ care. Maimonides provides the financial, organizational, and educational resources necessary to ensure that all programs across the institution participate in various research-related activities that include bench research, clinical research, performance improvement, and public health. Research is a critical component of the clinical and teaching activities at Maimonides. Faculty and attending physicians, residents, fellows, and nurses design and conduct research studies that seek to contribute to knowledge about optimizing clinical care delivery and patient outcomes, evaluating the efficacy of drugs, devices, procedures, or diagnostic tests, and assessing various approaches to improving quality and cost-efficiency of care.

Research training is part of residency and fellowship programs through the provision of education, technical assistance, mentorship, and seed funding for resident-initiated studies. Research professionals at Maimonides have developed online and in-person courses in research education, which address study design and methodology, participant recruitment and retention, and statistical concepts and analysis.

The MMC delivers outstanding guidance and expertise to the entire house staff in facilitating patient-centered research. The Medical Center fosters the essential components to success in research amongst the house staff such as honesty, integrity, objectivity, self-motivation, curiosity, sense of responsibility, ethics, and professionalism. The institution strives to graduate residents and fellows with great expertise in research that facilitates their pursuit of leadership and academic careers.

Maimonides Medical Center, with its cutting-edge innovations, research, and technology, is at the forefront of an exciting period in American healthcare. At Maimonides, we invite you to explore and become a part of breakthrough research across multiple specialties.

We offer you an opportunity to join an incredible team of researchers and to equip you with all the knowledge and tools to become an expert researcher. We encourage you to explore our research page further to learn about our past and current achievements, our team of experts, and our cutting-edge research publications.

“The collegial and comfortable environment that the M.O.R.E. team fostered allowed me to ask questions and learn from many residents and attendings not only about research writing, but also about the field of orthopedic surgery.”

Nabil Khan

“The Maimonides Orthopedic Research Experience was an incredible summer opportunity, combining academic lectures from experts in the field with interesting and relevant research opportunities.”

Alexander S. Imas

“As a result of the M.O.R.E. program, I feel more comfortable writing clinical manuscripts and analyzing clinical data, and I better understand the process of revising and submitting a manuscript, all while learning more about the field of orthopedics”

Lucas Voyvodic

“Getting to work with Dr. Razi, Dr. Vakharia and others within the Department of Orthopedics was a unique and exceptional opportunity. As mentors, they provided constant feedback and were always eager and willing to educate us. With their guidance and devotion for teaching, my research article was accepted for publication in a reputable journal.”

Brandon Amirian

“It was a fantastic opportunity to develop research and writing skills as well as learn more about the field [of orthopedics] through didactics with other orthopedic surgeons at Maimonides Medical Center. The learning and research opportunities provided by the program were second to none and I am thankful to everyone in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery for their incredible mentorship.”

Stefan Hamaway

“Dr. Razi and Dr. Vakharia are phenomenal mentors, and they provided invaluable assistance and guidance with the research, writing and editing process. Overall, the program provided excellent exposure to orthopedics and clinical research, and it was a formative medical school experience that I would highly recommend to any student interested in pursuing research in the field”.

Lauren Gruffi

We focus on 3 types of research

  1. Basic Science Research – Laboratory-based research studying biological processes and mechanisms of human disease with a focus on oncology, psychiatry, and surgery
  2. Clinical Research – Patient-oriented research, which includes clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of drugs, devices, or procedures, as well as investigator-initiated studies that test the effectiveness of specific therapies and interventions
  3. Health Services Research – Evaluating organizational factors and delivery approaches that advance quality, reduce cost, and improve access to care

Our patient-centered commitment to care is instilled throughout our staff, the hospital, and our renowned centers of excellence. We are a Brooklyn-born hospital at the forefront of innovation, technology, research, and medicine, and we are proud to offer you the best care.

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Our Past and Present

In 1911, a group of concerned women opened a dispensary to serve the poor and needy residents of their Brooklyn neighborhood, planting the seed that would grow into Maimonides Medical Center. Over the last century, Maimonides has become a top medical care center and a vital part of New York City. Our physicians pioneered significant advancements in the field of medicine, and now, in our second century, we continue to provide excellent clinical care to our diverse patient population.

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Maimonides Evening of Research

Maimonides Evening of Research is a celebration of the important research work that is conducted by our staff.

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Who we are

Our faculty leaders are uniquely positioned to understand the operational, financial, and regulatory implications of numerous project designs, to the great benefit of our community and beyond.

MRI offers full clinical trial services as well as substantial resources dedicated to outcomes research and assessments, clinical database design and management, and medical education.

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