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Maimonides Medical Center

Maimonides is a world-class care center serving Brooklyn and beyond. Here, you’ll find clinical excellence, a patient-centered approach, and a culture of innovation that makes a difference in our community.

Maimonides Children's Hospital

We’re proud to be Brooklyn’s only children’s hospital and pediatric trauma center. We provide a full range of services with an expert team of pediatric specialists and surgeons. Our mission is to ensure your child receives the highest level of compassionate, family-centered care. 

Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital

Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital’s recently renovated and expanded emergency department offers large clinical areas, a spacious waiting room for families, and skilled, courteous staff—all working to make your experience here as comfortable as possible. 

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Children's Hospital

It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy: An Overview of Pediatric Asthma

Breathing isn’t something most people think about but, for some, it doesn’t come naturally. Knowing your child has asthma is the first step to dealing with it. Dr. Michael Marcus discusses what to look out for and what to do about it.

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