Two New Kitchens Open in Conjunction with Launch of Enhanced Dining Program at Maimonides

On April 25, Maimonides Health officially unveiled two brand-new kitchens at Maimonides Medical Center in a ribbon cutting hosted by Maimonides leadership and its Food & Nutrition team.

Updates Designed to Bolster Patient Health and Dining Experience

The kitchens will be the center of Maimonides’ new enhanced dining program, designed to support patient health and well-being with an expanded menu of freshly prepared food. Nutrition is a key part of each patient’s hospital stay, and this aspect of the patient experience is now more personalized than ever. Through the new dining program, a Patient Ambassador will now visit each patient’s room to discuss menu options and take food orders, providing bedside diet education and incorporating patients’ preferences and feedback into their diet plan.

“Improving and expanding the hospital’s meal offerings and changing the expectations of all of our patients, staff, and visitors has long been a priority. Eating good, nutritious food is integral to a high-quality hospital experience, and we hope that all of our patients will enjoy the restaurant-quality menu and food choices,” said Maimonides Health CEO Ken Gibbs.

Nutritional Inclusivity Is Part of the Culturally Sensitive Healthcare Provided at Maimonides

Maimonides caters to an extremely diverse community and prides itself on meeting the needs of Brooklyn’s many cultural groups, which often have special dietary needs or preferences. The new kitchens are Glatt Kosher, adhering to the strictest rules of Kashrut, with all food prepared under the strict supervision of the Maimonides Rabbi and mashgichim.

In addition to meeting the needs of those who require a kosher menu, the expanded meal options now include more international cuisines and dishes, in addition to more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Menus will continue to be translated into multiple languages.

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