Patients Regain Mobility with Robot-Assisted Joint Replacement

Helping patients get back on their feet is easier than ever with the orthopedic specialists at Maimonides Bone & Joint Center. Under the guidance of Jack Choueka, MD, the Chairman for the Department of Orthopedics, orthopedic surgeons provide cutting-edge treatment and surgery for patients of all ages.

The Bone & Joint Center is a world-class, comprehensive orthopedic treatment facility in Brooklyn. Not only do they offer excellent patient care, there is one key differentiator that sets them apart from the competition: The Bone & Joint Center is a research site with access to new technology and treatments.

Top of the Line Technology and Treatments
Specialists at this state-of-the-art facility provide treatment for all sorts of bone and joint issues, including Orry Erez, MD. He specializes in hip and knee replacement surgery, as well as treatment for sports injuries, osteoarthritis, and a wide variety of other bone and joint conditions. Patients can also receive life-changing treatment from doctors specializing in spine, shoulder, elbow, and all other parts of the musculoskeletal system.

“One of the highlights of the orthopedic surgery program is minimally invasive joint replacement, but surgery is always the last course of treatment,” Dr. Erez explains. “We always start with a holistic approach that often includes medication, therapy, and injections.”

Non-surgical treatment options don’t work for all patients. When all other treatment options have run their course, specialists like Dr. Erez consider surgical options. Whenever possible, they utilize minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Maimonides Bone & Joint Center’s Robotics Program
“Minimally invasive surgery is one way surgeons at Maimonides Bone & Joint Center improve outcomes,” Dr. Erez said. “However, our main focus for joint replacement is our robotics program. We’re utilizing enhanced imaging to map out joints prior to surgical intervention. Then, we use intraoperative robotics to help align and balance joints to improve outcomes.”

Top-of-the-line technology like this elevates Maimonides Bone & Joint Center as the premiere facility for orthopedic treatment and surgery in Brooklyn. “These talented physicians work together to provide convenient, supportive, and complete care for their patients,” Dr. Erez assures.

To book an appointment with the orthopedic team at Maimonides Bone & Joint Center, call (718) 283-7400.

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