Maimonides Doctors Multispecialty Pavilion Concierge Service

Maimonides Doctors Multispecialty Pavilion’s Physician Concierge Services Brings Convenience to Providers

Maimonides Doctors Multispecialty Pavilion brings more than 35 medical specialties together in one convenient place, designed with patients in mind. You might already be aware of some of its unique services, like on-site laboratory testing and easy registration for any patients of Maimonides doctors.

The Service’s Advantages Include Expedited Appointments and Easy Communication Between Providers

Another new resource the facility offers, the Physician Concierge Service, provides easy referrals for physicians in the community whose patients need specialized medical attention. Benefits of the program include quick identification of best-match specialists and expedited appointments for referred patients based on their medical history and present concerns.

It also allows for a facilitated patient information exchange between Maimonides doctors and referring doctors from around the community, and a highly informed resource to answer questions and provide information about the Multispecialty Pavilion.

“I’ve met with many doctors in the community — close to 200 — who are happy to hear about the service we now offer and most utilize the service afterwards,” said Amy Walker, liaison manager for the Physician Concierge Service. “Expedited appointments are the most common request. This requires some medical reports, history, etc. to warrant the urgency, and the ability to communicate directly with primary care providers through the Concierge Service allows for a patient to be quickly scheduled with a specialist.”

Helping Connect Patients to Specialized Care When They Need It Most

Walker shared some examples of Concierge Service successes, like a diabetic patient who would have run out of medications without the expedited endocrinologist appointment afforded by this resource.

Additionally, the service allows doctors to refer patients to specialists knowing that their insurance will be accepted for that doctor’s care. When patients have had insurance mismatches, the Concierge Service can find alternative doctors to suit patients’ needs in the meantime.

MDP’s Physician Concierge Service continues to integrate Brooklyn’s community primary care physicians and patients with the expert specialized care provided by Maimonides doctors, furthering convenient access to high-quality care. The Physician Concierge Service team looks forward to guiding the trajectory of this unique resource as it evolves to meet patient needs even more fully and efficiently.

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