EPAC: Early Pregnancy Assessment Center

Patients Get Timely Reproductive Care at Maimonides’ Early Pregnancy Assessment Center

Reproductive healthcare is more accessible in Brooklyn than ever with the addition of Maimonides’ Early Pregnancy Assessment Center (EPAC). It’s a one-stop shop for reproductive health and early pregnancy care.

Many OB/GYNs have busy schedules that make it difficult to get a timely appointment, leaving newly pregnant patients with very few options. If they experience troubling symptoms, like bleeding or abdominal pain, they often end up in the emergency department.

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But EPAC provides another option for those in the early weeks of pregnancy. The Center’s innovative approach provides immediate maternal and reproductive healthcare, while all but eliminating wait times. “We can accommodate next-day or sometimes same-day appointments,” explains June Ng, MD, MPH.

EPAC Provides a Low-Pressure Environment for Pregnant People to Receive Critical Reproductive Health Services

The doctors in Maimonides’ EPAC prioritize the needs of their patients above all else. And these needs vary widely depending on the patient. Some visit our offices to confirm pregnancy and initiate prenatal care or get checked out following worrisome symptoms, whereas others seek supportive care like an abortion.

EPAC physicians Dr. Kathleen Morrell, Dr. Heather Gold, and Dr. Ng are all Complex Family Planning OB/GYN subspecialists who also provide reproductive care for nonpregnant patients outside of EPAC. “If patients want to see us for contraception or other reproductive health complaints — including well-woman annual exams — they can refer themselves to us using the same contact number.”

Patients Can Depend on Medically Accurate Information from the Skilled OB/GYNs in the EPAC

In a post Roe v. Wade world, crisis pregnancy centers are on the rise in the United States while clinics providing abortions are dwindling. “These fake medical institutions provide ultrasounds and try to convince people to carry their pregnancy to term,” Dr. Ng explains. But Maimonides is committed to providing access to all sorts of reproductive healthcare, including abortions.

Patients receive evidence-based, compassionate reproductive healthcare at EPAC. “We provide full-range options counseling in a nonjudgmental way, including parenting, adoption, and termination. “To help patients better understand their options, we also provide medically accurate information about the pregnancy.”

As a result, they’re helping to address many early pregnancy concerns and reduce pregnant patients’ visits to the emergency department. And they do all of this through a lens of gender inclusivity while teaching and advocating for abortion access.

Any early pregnancy patient who needs prenatal care, may not want to continue their pregnancy, or has bleeding or cramping can seek care at Maimonides’ EPAC. Patients and providers can call (718) 283-8959 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to schedule an appointment.

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