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Pediatric Oncology Trials: AGCT 1532

Phase 3 Accelerated BEP Trial: A randomized phase 3 trial of accelerated versus standard BEP chemotherapy for patients with intermediate and poor-risk metastatic germ cell tumours.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: APAL2020SC

Pediatric Acute Leukemia (PedAL) Screening Trial – Developing New Therapies for Relapsed Leukemias.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: AOST 2031

A Phase 3 Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Open vs Thoracoscopic Management of Pulmonary Metastases in Patients with Osteosarcoma.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: ACNS 2021

A Phase 2 Trial of Chemotherapy followed by Response-Based Whole Ventricular & Spinal Canal Irradiation (WVSCI) for Patients with Localized Non-Germinomatous Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumor.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: ACCL 2031

A Phase 3 Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Evaluating Memantine (IND# 149832) for Neurocognitive Protection in Children Undergoing Cranial Radiotherapy as Part of Treatment for Primary Central Nervous System Tumors.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: AGCT 1531

A Phase 3 Study of Active Surveillance for Low Risk and a Randomized Trial of Carboplatin vs. Cisplatin for Standard Risk Pediatric and Adult Patients with Germ Cell Tumors.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: ALTE 2031

StepByStep: A Randomized Trial of a Mobile Health and Social Media Physical Activity Intervention among Adolescent and Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: AALL 1621

A Phase 2 Study of Inotuzumab Ozogamicin (NSC# 772518, IND#133494) in Children and Young Adults with Relapsed or Refractory CD22+ B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B- ALL).

Pediatric Oncology Trials: ANBL 1232

Utilizing Response- and Biology-Based Risk Factors to Guide Therapy in Patients with Non-High-Risk Neuroblastoma.

Pediatric Oncology Trials: AREN1721 – Phase II

A Randomized Phase 2 Trial of Axitinib/Nivolumab Combination Therapy vs. Single Agent Nivolumab for the Treatment of TFE/Translocation Renal Cell Carcinoma (tRCC) Across All Age Groups.

Showing 1-10 of 51 Results

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