Revolutionizing Shoulder Surgery with Advanced Computer-Generated Prosthetics

Surgeons at Maimonides Bone & Joint Center performed a trailblazing shoulder surgery — the first in Brooklyn to use a computer-generated prosthesis custom made to fit an individual patient. The team’s achievement came another milestone in 2023, their completion of one of the first mixed-reality shoulder replacement surgeries in the U.S.

Streamlining Shoulder Surgery While Preserving Bone 

Ramin Sadeghpour, MD, shoulder and upper extremity surgeon at Maimonides Bone & Joint Center, performed the cutting-edge procedure in September, making Maimonides the first in Brooklyn, the second in New York state, and among a small group of health systems nationwide to utilize this advanced surgical technique.

Dr. Sadeghpour performed the surgery on a patient with shoulder arthritis with excellent results. The main benefit of the procedure is preservation of bone in the shoulder, which would normally need to be shaved to provide a flat surface for prosthetic implants. 

“Before this new technique, surgeons would need to put a flat implant on a curved structure, the shoulder socket,” said Dr. Sadeghpour. “In order to make that match, you actually have to shave the socket flat and remove bone from the shoulder, which is beneficial to keep in case the patient needs a future surgery or other procedure to address their condition.” 

Because the implant fits exactly to the patient’s shoulder, the surgeon can more precisely match preoperative planning with intraoperative implant placement, significantly streamlining the procedure’s duration and complexity. 

The process begins with a CT scan, which is uploaded to a computer and used to generate a custom implant using 3D printing, fitting each patient’s unique shoulder anatomy precisely. The sterile implant is sent directly to the operating room, where the orthopedic surgeon places it without the need to remove any bone from the shoulder. The timeline from CT scan to operating room takes just around four weeks. The surgery itself then requires less time in the operating room, and the seamless match of patient anatomy and prosthesis allows for high efficiency and precision.  

Cutting-Edge Technology and Best-in-Region Expertise 

Orthopedic surgery specialists at Maimonides perform more shoulder replacement operations than any other group in Brooklyn. This achievement reflects our emphasis on highly personalized, precise, and efficient surgical care for patients. Building on Maimonides’ longstanding record of bringing innovative technology to the operating room, it also expands the range of cutting-edge tools and techniques our surgeons offer, including mixed reality surgery, robotic surgery, minimally invasive treatments, and 3D computer modeling software.  

Maimonides Bone & Joint Center is renowned for excellence. This year, Maimonides Medical Center was named a Top 3 Hospital in New York State for Orthopedic Surgery and one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery by Healthgrades. Maimonides was the only hospital in New York City to receive the America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery Award™ for 3 years in a row (2022-2024). U.S. News & World Report also ranks Maimonides as High Performing in the specialty of Orthopedics.  

Maimonides Bone & Joint Center provides world-class shoulder orthopedic care services and more at multiple locations in Brooklyn, including: 

  • NEW: Maimonides Bone & Joint Center — Carroll Gardens, 330 Court Street
  • Maimonides Bone & Joint Center, 6010 Bay Parkway 
  • Maimonides Bone & Joint Center Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, 6010 Bay Parkway
  • Maimonides Bone & Joint Center — Kings Highway, 1715 E 13th Street 
  • Maimonides Medical Center Ambulatory Health Services Network Orthopedic Services, 948 48th St 


Click to learn more about orthopedic shoulder surgery at Maimonides and Maimonides Bone & Joint Center. To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, call (718) 283-7400. 

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