New Technology Advances at Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital

As part of a wider effort to expand Maimonides Health’s role as a leading Brooklyn health network, Maimonides merged with New York Community Hospital, officially renamed Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital earlier this year. These changes expand community access to quality patient care.

Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital (MMCH) is investing in emergency services to better support central Brooklyn communities. The MMCH Emergency Department now has 29 beds and 10 fast-track treatment areas appointed with state-of-the-art equipment. For more precise diagnoses, MCCH also has bedside ultrasounds, brand-new cardiac monitors for each Emergency Department Bay area. This allows for seamless transferring of patient data between departments, ensuing safe and continuous care. Patients can log into their private health portal to receive their latest labs and diagnostic images to facilitate a smooth transition for follow-up care.

Maimonides Health bolstered staffing at MMCH to decrease staff burnout and patient wait times. Streamlined triage allows our team of 25 emergency medicine physicians to attend to patients in a timely fashion. Advanced medical services like airway management, moderate sedation, and emergency blood transfusions empower MMCH physicians to provide high-quality care for patients with challenging cases. They also have mechanical chest compression-decompression devices that provide mechanical CPR so staff can manage other critical patient needs.

Technology makes it easier for ED physicians to get consults. ED physicians no longer have to wait for a psychiatry, pediatric, or toxicology specialist to come to a patient’s bedside. Instead, MMCH ED fully embraces telehealth consults to facilitate care from physicians spanning multiple disciplines. 

The result of these advancements? MMCH provided care for 8,000 more patients in 2021, and more than tripled the number of pediatric patients per month. MMCH is seeing patients with more complex diseases and diagnoses. They are using the latest data to fight Covid-19 by giving monoclonal antibodies to patients diagnosed with Covid.

Advances on the horizon. Maimonides Health’s plans for MMCH include a new MRI machine and a Cardiac Cath Lab. With these additions, the ED will have the capacity to treat a wider variety of neurological, cardiovascular, and other emergency patients instead of transferring these critical patients to other facilities. Plans to add OB/GYN specialists will expand offerings for reproductive health emergencies like ectopic pregnancy. 

MMCH ED is located at 2525 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, NY 11229. To learn more about MMCH emergency services, call 718-692-5387 or email [email protected].

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