New Provider: Dr. Mila Tempel, Pediatric Gastroenterology

Maimonides’ Newest Gastroenterologist Solves Pediatric Tummy Troubles

Maimonides’ youngest patients are in for a treat with the addition of Mila Tempel, MD. She’s an accomplished pediatric gastroenterologist who has experience treating tummy troubles in some of our most vulnerable patients.

Dr. Tempel has impressive experience and career ambitions. In addition to a career in healthcare spanning more than two decades, beginning with a position as a physical therapy aid, she has also contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications and studies.

Dr. Tempel Includes Nutrition and Healthy Living in Her Approach to Pediatric Gastroenterology 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people of all ages live, and Dr. Tempel has taken note of the way it’s affecting children’s health. “In the last two years, children have had limited physical activity, which has played a significant role in the uptick of obesity.”

Addressing childhood obesity is a priority for her, especially given the unique intersection of her experience as a general pediatrician and a pediatric gastroenterologist — and she wants to do it right here at Maimonides.

“I plan to focus on childhood obesity by starting a project that provides resources for parents and children promoting healthier dietary and lifestyle changes,” she explains. “Nutrition is so important for all children, especially when they’re sick.”

Riveting Residency Experiences Steered Dr. Tempel to Pediatric Gastroenterology

Growing up, Dr. Tempel planned to pursue a career in education, but she later developed an interest in medicine. She came out of medical school intent on a career as a pediatrician, but her pediatric residency experience led her to pursue the practice of pediatric gastroenterology.

“I was inspired by a very difficult case and the gastroenterologist who helped to solve it,” she said. “Now, I enjoy taking care of pediatric patients with celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, reflux, failure to thrive, and other gastrointestinal illnesses.”

For appointments with Dr. Tempel, patients may call 718-283-7500 or schedule online.

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