Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital – Expanding Programs to Better Serve Patients

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Since first affiliating with Maimonides Medical Center in 2018 – and formally joining the organization in 2021 – Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital (formerly known as New York Community Hospital) has expanded programs and services to better meet the needs of area residents.

In addition to offering on-site consultations with Maimonides’ specialists in clinical areas that include orthopedic surgery, cardiology and vascular surgery, the Emergency Department at Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital (MMCH) now offers board-certified emergency room physicians with telehealth capabilities, advanced diagnostics, and easy access to newly introduced Interventional Radiology services on-site.

Later this year, MMCH will open a new 17-suite Infusion Center on Kings Highway with on-site lab and pharmacy, and plans are also underway to bring MRI and cardiac cath lab on-site within the next year.

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