Isaac Gammal, MD, Advanced Orthopedic Surgeon, Joins Maimonides’ Bone and Joint Center

Patients use their hands, wrists, and arms every single day. Keeping these parts of their bodies in good shape allows a level of independence that no one takes for granted. So when something goes wrong with these upper extremities, patients are willing to travel for the best surgical care possible—but patients in Brooklyn can access world-class care locally.

Upper extremity surgery is high stakes and requires incredible skill. Patients can feel at ease putting their independence and quality of life in the hands of the team at Maimonides Bone and Joint Center, especially with the addition of Isaac Gammal, MD. 

Returning to Brooklyn to Expand Innovation

Community is woven into the fabric of the Brooklyn borough, and Dr. Gammal is a testament to that. Joining the Maimonides team allows the Brooklyn native to return to his home turf. 

“I’ve done most of my training outside of the borough, so this is my first opportunity to care for my own community,” Dr. Gammal said. “I‘m also excited to be part of the expansion into new neighborhoods, including a Midwood office, which is my backyard.”

Dr. Gammal is working toward expanding upon the latest research and innovations in upper extremity surgery here at Maimonides. “I have plans to continue cadaveric studies of microvascular anatomy of the wrist. I also bring training and experience with specialized surgical techniques, including endoscopic carpal tunnel release, nerve transfers and reconstruction, and novel techniques for the treatment of thumb arthritis.”

There’s no doubt Dr. Gammal’s extensive training in arthroscopic and microsurgery techniques at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital and Zucker School of Medicine at Northwell, places him among the best orthopedic surgeons for upper extremity surgery across the nation. It’s also landed him numerous leadership positions, the Stanley E. Asnis, M.D. Clinical Excellence Award, and recognition for research in the process.

The Personal Motivation Behind Dr. Gammal’s Career

Dr. Gammal experienced a shoulder injury during a skiing accident that brought his athleticism to a grinding halt. He suffered recurrent shoulder dislocations that impaired his ability to play sports for almost seven years. 

“I had an arthroscopic shoulder stabilization and, thankfully, my shoulder stability has been rock solid ever since,” he said. “After rehabilitation, I was able to get back to all my previous athletic activities. That was one reason I chose orthopedics as well as upper extremity surgery.”

And now, he nurtures a love for sports and athleticism in his children, even coaching his son’s little league team to the championship this past summer. From athletic achievements and his role as a family man to performing complex upper extremity surgery, Dr. Gammal’s a winner through and through.

For patient appointments, contact (718) 283-7400.

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