Diversifying the Supply Chain with Community Partnerships

Participating in community partnerships and connecting with diverse business leaders is a priority for Maimonides Health. Our efforts to diversify our supply chain set the tone for similar facilities within city limits, and we hope that influence also extends beyond New York City.

Maimonides Health partnered with One Brooklyn Health to develop a community-based solution for these goals. As a result, Brooklyn Communities Collaborative (BCC) is developing a reputation for investing in the local economy through a variety of initiatives.

Brooklyn Communities Collaborative

Executives and healthcare leaders from many different organizations sit on the board for BCC. Together, they oversee several programs that enrich the lives of Brooklyn residents and support the businesses on which the community relies.

As part of its work focused on diversity and inclusion, Maimonides Health and One Brooklyn Health committed to sourcing 10% of the non-clinical goods from local minority and women owned businesses (MWBEs) by 2030. The result? BCC estimates these businesses will generate up to $40 million more each year.

“Brooklyn Communities Collaborative’s mission is to strengthen the health of Brooklyn communities, and improving economic wellness is a crucial part of that work. By partnering with institutions like Maimonides and One Brooklyn Health and channeling their economic power to uplift local and minority/women-owned businesses, we are setting decades of opportunity in motion,” said Shari Suchoff, Executive Director, BCC.

A More Diverse Supply Chain Benefits Hospitals and Brooklyn

These efforts are a boon for Brooklyn residents. Recirculating tens of millions of dollars in the local Brooklyn economy through the hospital supply chain results in two additional outcomes: (1) the supply chain for Maimonides Health and One Brooklyn Health will become more resilient; and (2) funds used to diversify the supply chain at these two healthcare facilities will recirculate in Brooklyn and boost the local economy.

Maimonides is proud to be a part of this innovative initiative and provide this significant business opportunity to MWBEs in Brooklyn. Together with One Brooklyn Health, we’re making progress toward a wealthier, healthier, and more equitable Brooklyn.



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